Ultimate Rx Professional is your complete Pharmacy Management Software Solution.  Prescription, Point of Sale, and Inventory are fully integrated and custom-made for Jamaican and Caribbean pharmacies.  Developed for pharmacists, Ultimate Rx Pro offers a sales and profit focus, intelligent stock management, simplicity of use, ease of integration, and real-time reporting.  And we offer software support that is currently unmatched in the industry.

Check out our Insurance Claims Reconciliation, and our newest feature, Customer Loyalty Program, integrated for special pricing and tracking of loyalty sales.  Coming soon, Sales and Promotions.

Prescription Management

Prescription Management

Fast, Easy Insurance Processing

Maintain Patient Profiles

Automated Doctor and Drug Updates

Quick Prescription Refills

Pay at any cashier

Integrated Point of Sale

FAST Customer Processing

Accept Multiple Payment Methods & Currencies

Cash Drawer Open / Close Functionality

Issue Credit Notes on Returns

Customer Loyalty Cards

Discount Programs

Integrated Point of Sale Integrated Point of Sale

Inventory Management

Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

Use Multiple Units of Measurement

Streamlined Ordering & Receiving of Goods

Enhanced Pricing Features

Group by Departments & Categories

Transfer & Adjust Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing hardware?

Yes, if it meets the minimum requirements.

What are the computer hardware requirements?

For the Server, a minimum of a dual core PC, 2.5 Ghz and 4GB Ram. For a User Workstation, a minimum of a dual core PC, 2.5 Ghz and 2GB ram.

What version of Windows will I need?

Windows 7 or higher.

Are there specific software requirements?

Microsoft.Net 4.0 or higher is required on all machines. This is included free with Windows 7 or higher.

Can I use my current printer?

Yes, any current label and receipt printer may be used with UltimateRx.

Card Readers?

Yes, Card Readers are supported by UltimateRx.

Bar Code Scanners?

Yes, Bar Code Scanners are supported by UltimateRx.

How does the system interface with my Cash Drawer?

The System interfaces with any Cash Drawer that is connected to the Printer. It does not support Cash Drawers connected to a serial port.

What are the networking requirements?

No specific networking requirements, only a standard router and Ethernet cables.

Getting Started?

Demos of specific features of Ultimate are available on our website.  For further information contact us by email at info@ultimaterxpro.com.

Pricing and Commitment?

UltimateRx is provided as a monthly service.  The initial purchase is for 6 or 12 months, and renews by same.  If you choose not to renew, your data is available as read only.  Please contact us for pricing and implementation.

Customer Testimonails

We moved to Ultimate Rx Professional in 2015, and have never looked back. The dependability and customer support are number one. It’s improved all aspects of our business and provides the accuracy and security we were looking for.

Dr. David Tavares Hilton’s Pharmacy, Montego Bay, Jamaica


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Customer Service

Customer Service

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